Letter from President Glenn L. Damato

I just want to say thank you to all the people who helped and supported me. I appreciated all of your help. I came into this office looking to do everything I promised you, and will work as hard as I can to achieve my goals. My first day as president I reached out to OCA regarding reclassification and contract negotiations. I will relentlessly pursue both. We have had a tough go of it lately, but I think things will get better. The new administrative judge will hopefully be on our side, and I believe petty disciplinary charges will be a thing of the past. I will try to use some of your suggestions, including things like having a General Membership Meeting in a different location. This is YOUR union. I welcome your suggestions, comments and criticisms. My door is always open. Nothing will be kept from our members. I look forward to serving you the next two (2) years. 

Glenn L. Damato, President 

NYSCCA Election Results:


Pamela Browne – 514

Glenn L. Damato – 589

1st Vice President

Brian Hamerman – 572

Saverio Balzano – 163

John McConnell – 340

2nd Vice President

Christopher A. Depietto – 648

Nikwe Huey – 432


Imogene V. Jones – 548

Ramon Vega – 533


Marcus T. Diaz – 587

Michael Greico – 481

Recording Secretary

Tina Carolei – 446

Michael C. Cawley – 250

Gary Lane – 371


Robert Byrnes – 513

Irene Laracuenta – 455

Angela Mitchell – 413 

Christine Miller – 319

Donna Orr – 445

G. James McGreevy – 525

Eamon Fuller – 263

Averell Golub – 211

Patricia Daughn – 353


You can lose your pension!

Our pensions are guaranteed through the state constitution; if you change the constitution, your pension benefits can change.

I cannot stress this enough, your pension rights are at stake, as well as the pension benefits of retirees.

In exchange for modest salaries now, we have the reward of guaranteed pensions at the end of our careers.

We have to educate ourselves, our family members, friends, neighbors, and everyone.

A change in the state’s constitution can affect your collective bargaining rights, the environment, women’s rights, civil rights, and many of the things that enhance our quality of living.

By law, every twenty years the question of holding a constitutional convention appears as a proposal on the ballot on Election Day in November.  That year is 2017.

OCA Classification Plan Update

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Do not make the mistake and believe that your pension is guaranteed, it is guaranteed through the state’s constitution. Change the constitution, and they can change your pension benefit.  Retirees pension benefits are at risk as well. This is a dire and real threat.

The New York State Constitution mandates that every 20 years the voters must decide/vote whether or not to hold a constitutional convention.

This will be on the ballot this fall. If the voters approve the convention, delegates to the convention would be elected the following year, 2018. Each of the state’s Senate districts would have three delegates, and there will be 15 at-large delegates. The convention would be April 2019 and any changes to the constitution that are approved by more than 50% of the delegates would be put on the ballot before the voters. If the voters then approve, these changes become part of our state constitution.

Polls have indicated that currently, the state’s voters would vote for a constitutional convention. If a convention takes place, all tenets of the constitution are subject to scrutiny and revision. This can threaten pension benefits, collective bargaining rights, contractual rights, the right of unions to organize, protections for the environment, civil rights and social welfare etc. Many of the things that we hold near and dear and enhance our quality of life are at stake.

Corporate interests have long looked at our guaranteed pensions and would like to see it change into a 401K. Anyone who witnesses the extreme and prolonged downward spirals of the stock market should fear their pension being placed in such a tenuous situation. As civil servants, our salaries are modest, but it is with the promise of a guaranteed pension when we retire. We have given up income now for the reward of income in retirement.

There are many in the state who are envious and would take away our pensions because they are without pensions. Instead of saying “How can I get a pension also, or I used to have a pension, how can I get it back?” They would take away our pensions which would benefit no one and we would all be in the same predicament.

We have to educate ourselves, our families, friends and everyone. A constitutional convention was last held in 1967 and the voters rejected the proposed changes and the cost to the taxpayers for the convention was 47 million dollars. Today that figure is 350 million dollars. This is a boondoggle that we cannot afford on many levels.

Unions in New York State have set up a closed Face Book page through which we can access and share information and strategies. As soon as our union is linked up, we will share the connection with you.

Everyone, active members and retirees must get involved.


Glenn L. Damato


The New York State
Court Clerks Association



Our Dedicated Court Clerks Make The Courts Work

We Process Over 2.5 Million Filings Per Year

• We Are The Judiciary ‘s Supervisory Peace Officers

Glenn L. Damato

Christopher Depietto
Second Vice President

Marcus T. Diaz

Brian Hamerman
First Vice President

Imogene V. Jones

Tina Carolei
Recording Secretary

The NYS Court Clerks are the backbone of the Unified Court System. With over 1500 professional men and women, we keep the Courts moving. As the supervisory peace officers in NYC, our members are integral in fulfilling the core mission of the courts. Our Association serves to protect the rights and advance the benefits of all our active members and retirees.

Glenn L. Damato

President, New York State Court Clerks Association

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