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The collective bargaining committee of the Association has been offered a Last, Best and Final Offer contract proposal by OCA.

Our Bylaws (Section 12) state:

“There shall be for the purposes of collective bargaining a committee representing each bargaining title in negotiations to be chosen by the Board of Directors, which committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors on proposed bargaining agreements.”

The bargaining committee has recommended rejection.

Article VI of our Constitution states:

“The management and affairs of this organization shall be under the control of the Board of Directors and subject to a two-thirds (2/3) override vote of the membership present at a meeting called for that purpose; however, collective bargaining agreements shall further be approved by a mail ballot of the general membership, after they receive full disclosure of the terms of the proposed contract at a General Membership Meeting called for such purpose — mail ballot to go out within one week of such meeting, unless directed otherwise by the Board of Directors, due to force of circumstance. After a recommendation by the Board of Directors, a proposed bargaining agreement shall be voted on by the general membership. A majority vote of the general membership shall be required for ratification.” 

These provisions require that the proposed contract be voted on by the membership regardless of whether the recommendations of the Bargaining Committee or the Board of Directors are to accept or reject the proposed bargaining agreement. The Board of Directors has not yet rendered a recommendation. I will schedule a meeting of the Board of Directors for that purpose.

I will also schedule a general membership meeting as soon as can be arranged in January in order to comply with our Constitution. 

Please note that all relevant documents are posted on our web site. 


Pam Browne

OCA Classification Plan Update

Download (PDF, 53KB)

The New York State
Court Clerks Association



Our Dedicated Court Clerks Make The Courts Work

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• We Are The Judiciary ‘s Supervisory Peace Officers

Pamela Browne

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The NYS Court Clerks are the backbone of the Unified Court System. With over 1500 professional men and women, we keep the Courts moving. As the supervisory peace officers in NYC, our members are integral in fulfilling the core mission of the courts. Our Association serves to protect the rights and advance the benefits of all our active members and retirees.

Pamela Browne

President, New York State Court Clerks Association


The presidents and I of the other unions, (COBANC’s  Billy Imandt, the 9th Judicial District’s Selene Jackson and Suffolk County Court Employees Association’s Bill Dobbins) which represent court clerks had a meeting to continue to push the case for an upgrade. We met...
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Very Important Info Regarding Health Coverage

Since December 2015, the NYS Department of Civil Service has been conducting a Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit, using a vendor called Health Management Systems, Inc. (HMS). Similar to the audit conducted in 2009, its purpose is to ensure that every person who...
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Congratulations to one of our own

The New York State Court Clerks Associations extends it’s congratulations to member Anthony Hernandez on the accomplishments of his daughter Laurie Hernandez who is a member of the United States Olympic Team and will be competing in the Olympics in Rio DeJaneiro. It...
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2016 Union Election Results

Click link to view the results of the 2016 election.

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Court Unions Say Restoration of Funds Could Prove to Be Life-or-Death Issue

By Mark Toor of Thechiefleader.com Budget cuts and staffing shortages in the state court system can be blamed for at least one death, the president of the New York State Court Clerks Association told a State Legislature budget hearing Feb. 4. ‘Already Spread Too Thin’...
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2/4/2015 – Joint Budget Hearing – Public Protection

https://youtu.be/8kYk2ttWTd8 Youtube link
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Excellence Initiative

Tell Chief Judge Janet DiFiore Click here
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