Recent Additions

Annual Physical Examination - July 29 2015 update

We have a new company for our yearly physical exam that is available to active and retirees and spouses provided through Manhattan Internal Medicine Associates, P.C. There is no cost to the member. No voucher is necessary, just call to make the appointment. If any members had testing done this year this benefit is not available until the next calendar year, the usual protocol did not change. See the links section for contact information and more details.

Election Results - June 10 2015 update

Pam Browne received 528 votes to retain the position of President. G.James McGreevy placed second receiving 308 votes. Chris DePietto unseated Imogene Jones 530 to 412 to become the 2nd Vice President. Larry Russo held on to the Secretary position by a count of 492 to 448 over Richard LaTorre. Thomas Brennan retained the Treasury position by 646 to 285 over Joseph Alamo. Marcus Diaz retained the Recording Secretary position by 335 to 259 over Gary Lane. Click for to view certified copy of complete results.

Cove Haven hottest events Summer lineup. Click to download/view flyer.

New Benefit from Stacey Braun Financial Counseling Program - May 26 2015 update

Effective July 1st Stacey Braun Associates, Inc. will be providing free financial consultations to our members. See the Discounts and Promotions section for more details and to download brochure.

DC 37 Contract Ratified on February 13

As reported on their website, an overwhelming majority DC 37 members voted to ratify the new contract agreement with OCA. Out of 920 counted votes, 696 members voted Yes, 221 voted No, three were blank or voided.

Suffolk County Receives Offer January 8

OCA presented an offer to the Suffolk County Court Employees Association. At this time the reaction to this offer is not known nor is any opinion formulated by other unions that may be impacted by the negotiations. An item of note is the blazer benefit remains unchanged. Click for a summary of the offer. Click to view the names of the members of our contract negotiation committee. Please feel free to contact any one of them to share your ideas or comments.

DC 37 Reaches Tentative Agreement December 22

As reported on their website, DC 37 reached a new tentative contract agreement with OCA. DC 37 will conduct a mail-in ballot for contract ratification in January. Click for a summary of the agreement.

Annual Prescription Drug Benefit

Once annually, up to a maximum of $150 per family, the fund will reimburse active and retired members co-payment costs. Click to download additional information and application. Members may scan any claim form to Rocco at or fax to the union at 212 941-5705. The claim form must be recieved by January 15, 2015

DC 37 Votes Down Contract !

Local 1070 members voted down the tentative contract agreement today by a narrow margin of 10 votes. 390 members voted for the agreement, 400 against. Local 1070 represents Court Clericals, Clerical Associates, Secretaries, Court Reporters, Court Interpreters, Law Librarians and Law Stenographers of the Court Administration.

2015 Vehicle Identification Placard

Return via mail, fax, or email scanned copy no later than December 31, 2014. Complete form, print and sign, then attach photo-copy(s) of registration(s). Please direct inquiries regarding issuance of the placard to Larry Russo's attention. Note only one placard per active member is issued with multiple Plate numbers indicated if necessary. The fillable form is available in the downloads section or you may click here to complete and download. Reminder - open with Adobe for fillable form support.

The Core Issue Alliance

Fellow Court Union Members,

As you may know, for the past three years, we have all met the challenge of having to work harder with less and less resources, and we have all demonstrated OUR dedication and commitment to keeping the Courts functioning well. Instead of being met with appreciation for our efforts, the State is attempting to force us to accept major contractual givebacks. In response, several unions lobbied hard to reach members of CSEA (mostly upstate union members) to vote down their contract; however, the vastness of New York State hindered our efforts in the short time period. Our resolve strengthened and we rallied once again to unite the downstate unions. We were successful in persuading the members of the Suffolk county union, SCCEA, to vote down the State's proposal, and the contract was defeated by a proportion of 6 to 1.

Now, nearly every major remaining Court union is in agreement that the proposed givebacks are unacceptable.

While the below Court Unions have individual issues which will be negotiated separately,

1. We oppose any diminishment of our current pay plan that includes elimination of our two longevity pay lines on the salary schedule and our judicial longevity bonus.

2. We oppose the health insurance increases while our lawsuit is pending.

3. We oppose a payroll lag of two days per year.

4. We oppose a delay in a percentage pay raise from April 1, 2014 to October 1, 2014.

5. We oppose changes in layoff procedures to the proposed workforce reduction language and agree that it should be applicable to all non politically appointed employees.

6. We oppose a zero increase in location pay and are seeking parity with other State employees like Troopers and Nurses.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AND YOUR PATIENCE DURING THIS PROCESS. This will be a difficult contract negotiation, but we will work together to provide you with a contract that YOU DESERVE.


NYS Court Officers Assoc. * C.O.B.A.N.C. * Assoc. of Supreme Court Reporters * C.W.A., AFL-CIO, Local 1180 * NYS Court Clerks Assoc. * Citywide Assoc. of Court Attorneys * NYS Supreme Court Officers Assoc. * 9th J.D. Court Employees * Court Attorneys Assoc. of the City of New York

CSEA Judiciary Contract Ratified

On June 11th it was announced that the contract was ratified by a count of 2,094 Yes, 968 No. There are approximately 5,700 members which account for about 40% of the court system's work force.

Contract Negotiations

As many of you may have heard, C.S.E.A. has accepted a tentative contract offer.

I want everyone to understand that even if this offer were to be ratified by their membership, it in no way obliges us to accept a similar offer.

We want a fair contract that will protect our economic future, not one with so many give backs that we actually fall further behind.

Our Contract Negotiating Committee will be meeting on April 25, 2014 to discuss and further develop our Demand Package.

Click to view the names of the members of that committee. Please feel free to contact any one of us to share your ideas.


Joe Walsh


NEW YORK, OCTOBER 30, 2013, The New York State Court Clerks Association today filed a lawsuit against the New York State Unified Court System for encouraging and allowing court clerks to perform work after-hours without compensation in clear violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The suit has been filed in United States District Court Southern District of New York.

In the wake of severe budget cuts and staff reductions of as much as 15%, Court Clerks along with the other Court employees have been asked to do more with less. Now faced with an ever increasing workload, and OCA’s ignoring our constant request for additional staffing, our members ability to keep pace with the workload has long since reached and surpassed critical mass.

“During a meeting with OCA to discuss the problem OCA acknowledged it would be improper to work off the clock. Yet, OCA refused to do anything to help us stop it. In fact, they sent us a letter to “assure” us that it was not occurring.

“Rather than address the problem the OCA response was to look the other way; even as dedicated, but zealous clerks ‘volunteered’ to work extra hours and on scheduled off-days all without pay – and in violation of Fair Labor Standards Act,” said NYSCCA president Joseph Walsh.

“What is more outrageous is that OCA was not only aware of the illegal activity court managers were complicit in altering records to cover-up the illegal activity.”

“Court administrators dealt with their budgetary problems by simply choosing to ignore the law. The shame is that the Judges who run the Court system, whom we entrust to protect the law, have flagrantly violated the law.

“We believe that no one is above the law and our lawsuit is an effort to hold them accountable,” said Walsh.

Click to view/download copy of complaint

Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City

Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City includes general tips on how to prepare for any emergency, instructions on how to develop a hurricane disaster plan and secure your home before a storm, and a map of New York City hurricane evacuation zones. Find out what zone you live in and the location of your nearest evacuation center/shelter.

Become a Member of the The New York State Courts Pipes & Drums

The New York State Courts Pipes and Drums was formed by Court Officers from the New York City Courts in 1976. The Band is composed of Court employees from multiple Judicial Districts who continue to proudly perform at events and ceremonies throughout the State.

No musical background is needed, we have the finest instructors for bagpipes and drums. Classes start in September. Consider being a part of a long standing tradition. Contact Rob O'Connor at 845-661-9025 for more information. See the downloads section for flyer.

Job Sharing

Any Senior Court Clerk looking to job share should contact the Association office for more information.

Claims Submitted to the Union

All claims that are submitted to the Union for payment must have a complete reimbursement form and itemized legible receipt with PROOF of PAYMENT otherwise your claim will be rejected. This applies to all credit card and cash reimbursements submitted for payment.

Purchase Court Clerk Logo Items Online

All items come with a money back guarantee, less shipping charges. Visit

Dentists May file Claims Electronically with Cook Associates.

Members and Retirees let your dentist know that they may file your claim electronically with Cook Associates. By filing electronically your claim will be processed faster. The average turnaround time for a claim filed electronically is about a week. The dentist must register with Cook Associates by calling their office at 212-505-5050 please ask for Edward. This procedure is available to all dentists whether they are a Participating Provider or not.

Treasurer's Report

There are three separate and distinct accounts under the supervision of the Union's Treasurer. The first and main account is where your bi-weekly dues are deposited. This account covers all general operation expenses such as legal expenses, lobbying expenses, officer and delegate stipends and political expenses to name a few. The second account is the Dinner Dance account. This account is funded entirely by the sale of dinner dance tickets and journal ads taken by various law firms. The monies from this account are used to fund ten annual $1,000 scholarships and to pay for any expenses relating to the dinner dance. The third account was set up for the annual Court Clerk Golf Outing. Again, these monies are generated from outing sponsorships and golf reservation sales and are used exclusively for the Golf Outing. At no time have these accounts ever been co-mingled.

Security Benefits Update

The Security Benefits Funds, (The Welfare Fund), are under the direct supervision and managed by the Trustee Board. Unlike the accounts mentioned in the above paragraph, the Welfare Fund Accounts receive their money not from the member dues but from annual contributions from the State of New York as negotiated through the contract bargaining process. All of the accounts are in excellent financial condition with more than adequate reserves. The annual income and expense reports will be mailed to each member in May.