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Vision Benefit

Effective January 1, 2015 it is necessary to request a voucher from the union to obtain benefits from the GVS Provider Network.If you wish to go to the Vision Screening or Vision Care Centers a voucher is required (must be obtained from union office).

Please note that any member may visit any other optical provider not in the above networks and that member will be reimbursed up to $300 upon the submission of a receipt and completed optical reimbursement form (download below).

Also note that if any member is to schedule an eye exam with GVS and any GVS employee requests our member to submit the Empire Plan health insurance card, the member shall not submit the card unless an explanation is given, what will be done with the information and if a claim will be submitted to United Health Empire Plan. Remember, comprehensive eye exam is covered under our plan with GVS.

Vision Screenings

Vision Screening Locations
Note: Voucher Required
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Raymond Opticians

Raymond Opticians
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Corrective Eye Surgery Reimbursement

Voucher Required

Corrective Eye (laser) surgery not covered by health insurance. (Active members only)