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The entire Executive Board met with several members of OCA on 9/20. Both sides were interested in negotiating a contract. Lauren DeSole seemed receptive to several of our new demands. As we are negotiating in “good faith”, I will not get into too many details at this point. OCA said they wished to structure a 10 year deal, with 14% in total increases. Of course will will work out side letters and some sort of additional monies to add on. Clerks will receive raises immediately,  with a 10% total increase by April. I stressed that any retroactive money due any clerk be paid timely. We have scheduled three subsequent meetings at this time, and will go ahead working on the contract. Unfortunately I will have to work on getting us reallocated separately, but I will continue to pursue this relentlessly. If any of you would like to discuss further details, I suggest you call me at the union. I ask that you refrain from discussing contract negotiations and particulars on social media and in print. Just want to say thank you to all the members who have contacted us with suggestions, proposed demands and side letters, and general offers of help. Many of the suggestions were rather good. Remember, this is your association. It runs much better with your help and participation. I am very pleased that more members are taking an active role in this union.