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Mandatory Vaccination Program Update

Sep 21, 2021

As we are approaching the start of the vaccination mandate we want the membership to have an update as to where things stand as of now.

Whereas this union is aware that management has a right to determine the policy and procedures of their agency, they must still negotiate and bargain in good faith with all unions in the implementation of the same.

This union has availed ourselves of all our legal remedies, however, there is no guarantee that any of the outcomes will be in our favor.

We are aware of the harmful rhetoric and hate speech through social media and interviews that have been flowing these last few weeks.  This union does not condone these actions and believes it has been a detriment to resolving the improper practice we believe that has been occurring.  We remind our members what social media can and has done to various employees of this agency, and we ask all our members to refrain from creating more chaos and preventing any resolution to bear fruit.  Please always be mindful of the destruction that can occur with just a few words or a single action.  Always comport yourself professionally, with dignity and respect, if you want to receive the same.

For members who are seeking a medical or religious exemption, you have until 5:00 PM on Monday, September 27, 2021 to submit your forms.  We suggests you wait until then to submit, allowing any outcomes on pending litigation to clarify the direction that all parties must take or change the time frame on this policy.  Please make sure all your forms are completely filled out and all documents requested are attached.  Do not be denied for failure to complete a form or submit a document.

For members who are choosing not to be vaccinated regardless of any outcomes or circumstances, please do not resign or leave of your own volition.  All employees are entitled to due process as it relates to any disciplinary matter.  Force your employer to preclude you from reporting to work and document all communications surrounding it.  Resigning or leaving of your own volition denies you the ability to seek recourse or recompense in the future.

We will continue to advocate for the best interest of our members to ensure that they and their loved one are protected.

Stay safe and be well.