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Meeting commenced at 1:00 PM. Present were Thom Cannava, Christine, Nick, and Ann from OCA. Brian, Marcus, Mike G and I were present from the union. I asked the three latter OCA folks for business cards with their full names but they did not have them.

Immediately upon starting the meeting we were informed we would not be reallocated at this time. I had submitted 28pp of new duties that have been put upon us in the last ten (10) years or so, stating many reasons why we must be reallocated. I also submitted a 2pp essay I wrote about a former SCC named John Rogers who went back into uniform. It explained why reallocation is absolutely necessary to retain hired court clerks. The OCA folks said we were here to go over duties performed by court clerks. There was a big screen with a list of court programs/new laws, and we had to explain how these programs/laws impacted court clerks and their respective duties. Begrudgingly we went over each one. The OCA said they would be reviewing everything(including numerous trips to various courthouses) and then making a recommendation. Never did they used the word “reallocation” when talking about their recommendation. When Marcus said “what is the timeline for this research and decision”., Thom Cannava said “we cannot be held to any timeline.” He also said “regardless of any recommendation we make, it could be knocked down or rejected from a higher level (I assume Judge Marks)”. That was it. You can take what you want from this meeting. I know what I took from it. We will discuss it soon .

On a happier note, the Governor’s Peace Officer proposal in the budget has been removed.