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On Feb 27th, Myself, President Billy Imandt (COBANC), President Bill Dobbins (SCCEA) and President Selene Jackson (NJDCEA) met with Hon. Larry Marks, Ron Younkins, Esq., and Barry Clarke, Esq. of OCA. As we sat down to talk Judge Marks said “What would you like to talk about”. At that point I knew we were not being reallocated at this time, and I was ready to walk out. I decided to stay. When we mentioned reallocation Judge Marks said “We don’t have the money in this fiscal year”.
I spent most of the next two (2) hours pleading our case, saying how we were starved into a bad contract, how many of our lines never get filled, how promotions in our bargaining unit go to people from outside our ranks, etc., etc. etc.. My pleas have been falling on deaf ears for the last few years. The folks at OCA, from Lauren DeSole up to John George (Judge DiFiore’s right hand man) all said “reallocation will be addressed after the contract is settled”. They’ve done nothing to address it. Telling us “there is no money” is a slap in the face to our hard working clerks. That is not how you address an issue of which you made a promise. Towards the end of the meeting, President Imandt said “I would like some sort of a letter to be issued”. I immediately interjected ” I do not want ANY kind of a letter issued unless it states “Court Clerks WILL be absolutely reallocated on (date), with no reneging”. Of course, Judge Marks would not issue such a letter. This is where we stand. I have talked to the delegates about how we are going to proceed. Please relay your feelings to them, or of course, to me anytime. The meeting closed with Judge Marks saying “Court Clerks will be the next group reallocated” & “You need to meet with Nick (?) and Lauren DeSole to discuss the financial end of it”. I am eagerly awaiting such a meeting to be arranged. I will keep you apprised.

Fraternally, Glenn
Glenn L. Damato