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On Sept. 13th, 1st Vice President Brian Hamerman, 2nd Vice President Christopher DePietto and I met with Ron Younkins and Barry Clarke of OCA to discuss reallocation. These two men informed us there would not be any reallocation, no reclassification, or any non contractual raises in the court clerk series at this time. Mr Younkins said the whole process was “difficult”, and used the word “surgical” when describing his problems with upgrading our series. We pleaded our case repeatedly, but our pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears. This has been going on for years, and most of the membership is doubting their sincerity. Chris DePietto said at the conclusion of the meeting  “I had really hoped we would have come out of here with a letter stating a date for reallocation. I am extremely disappointed.”  I have contacted Judge DiFiore to try and address this issue at a higher level. We have to decide what our next step is, and what path we want to take. My belief is that if we sign a contract, we will never get any upgrade. I an open to any and all suggestions on how to proceed.

Glenn L. Damato