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CompensationSalary Increases
April 1, 2021: 2% (retroactive)
April 1, 2022: 2% (retroactive)
April 1, 2023: 3%
April 1, 2024: 3%
April 1, 2025: 3%

Signing Bonus
$3,000 one-time, lump sum payment to each employee in active status upon ratification, i.e., those employees that have not separated from UCS service as of the date of ratification (prorated for employees working less than full-time).

Note: bonus is pensionable, not added to base
Health InsuranceUpdate to reflect increase for Productivity Enhancement Program eff. January 2023
Longevity Bonuses
(currently 20 year: $2,100; 25 year: $2,200; 30 year: $2,300)
April 1, 2022 (retroactive):
20 year: $2,200
25 year: $2,300
30 year: $2,400

April 1, 2023:
20 year: $2,270
25 year: $2,370
30 year: $2,475

April 1, 2024:
20 year: $2,340
25 year: $2,440
30 year: $2,550

April 1, 2025:
20 year: $2,410
25 year: $2,510
30 year: $2,630
Location Pay (currently $4,300)April 1, 2022: $4,500 (retroactive)
April 1, 2023: $4,635
April 1, 2024: $4,775
April 1, 2025: $4,920
Welfare/Benefits Fund Contributions
(currently $1,440 for actives)
April 1, 2022: $1,500 (retroactive)
April 1, 2023: $1,545
April 1, 2024: $1,600
April 1, 2025: $1,640

Lump sum payment of $60,000 upon ratification
Maintenance Allowance (Blazers)
(currently $1,200)
April 1, 2022: $1,250 (retroactive)
April 1, 2023: $1,290
April 1, 2024: $1,325
April 1, 2025: $1,365

Eliminate sentence that renders employees on a leave without pay in excess of 5 days pursuant to disciplinary action ineligible for the payment.
Annual Leave/Compensatory Exchange ProgramEmployees may elect to cash out between 2 and 10 (total) AL and/or CT days in January 2023 to be paid no later than March 31, 2023.

Employees may elect to cash out between 2 and 5 (total) AL and/or CT days in August 2023, August 2024 and August 2025 to be paid no later than October 31st in each respective year.
Article 9Emergency AL – Modify language to allow for incremental use [up to 14 hours per calendar year for full-time, pro-rated for less than full-time], i.e., where employee has an emergency that meets the requirements of the provision, they do not have to use an entire day of time where not otherwise needed.

Family Sick Leave (FSL): Add sibling and individual for whom the employee is the primary caregiver;

clarify that use of FSL during caregiver leave designated under the FMLA does not count towards 25-day FSL cap, i.e., an employee has 25 FSL days for use plus unlimited use of SL accruals during FMLA caregiver leave.

9.3(e) Sick Leave [Return to Work] – modify language to provide for specific forms to be used and a timeline for employee’s return to work or State evaluation

9.5(g) Extraordinary Circumstances – add specific language covering an employee’s charge to accruals when they do not report on days that courts are delayed/closed early inclement weather

Holidays – Incorporate Juneteenth as 13th paid holiday

Professional Conference Leave – Modify language to specifically permit use of such leave during Court Recess and that there is no prohibition on virtual attendance where offered/available (subject to same requirements as far as substantiating the granting of paid leave)

Grand Jury Leave – eliminate reference to 6 months of leave, i.e., leave shall run concurrent with grand jury review

Early Release – modify language to provide for release or CT for those that have to remain if the indoor temperature is below 60/above 80
Personnel and Pay PracticesProvide noncompetitive confidential and exempt confidential employees with 5 workdays notice of termination
Disciplinary ProcedureIncrease time to answer charges from 8 days to 10 days
Flex Benefits
  • Take out references to “pilot program…” for DCAA employer contribution
  • Court System agrees to pursue opting into the Adoption Advantage Account offered by the Executive Branch provided no cost to UCS [commitment to opt-in as early as practicable in consideration of plan year, programming required etc.]
  • If the Executive Branch offers a pre-tax parking program, Court System will explore opting in to same under the same conditions set forth above.
Compensation Re-openerRight to reopen negotiations during the term of this Agreement if any Court System unit negotiates general salary increases, increases in the above enumerated economic benefits or new economic benefits affecting titles/positions represented by the NYSCCA in excess of those negotiated with the NYSSCA