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The Executive Board met with OCA’s staff and our attorney for the second time for contract negotiations. OCA laid out the basic 14%, 10 year deal with a few add-ons. We presented every side letter to them, including every one that each member submitted. We will meet again on October 30th. I will have more information after that date. Please be advised that negotiating a contract is a long, protracted process. We are trying our best to get it done. I vow not to send out a contract to the membership unless it is substantially better than the one previously voted down. On Oct. 12th, I was sent the update letter issued by OCA’s Ron Younkins and Barry Clarke. Once again we were not mentioned. Many of you are outraged, as am I. We seem to be the forgotten court employees. I will not take this lightly. We deserve reallocation, and I will continue to argue for it vehemently on our behalf.
Please see the attached upgrade letter that was sent out.