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This Tuesday (9/12) I will be appearing on a radio program, Blue Color Buzz, at 11:00 AM. I will be discussing our current plight, including the fact we are over six years out of contract. You can listen on AM 970 on your dial. Wednesday, Sept. 13, I will be meeting with the OCA’s Barry Clark and Ron Younkins. I will be discussing the fact that we haven’t be reallocated yet. I will inform you how it goes immediately afterward. Negotiations will continue with Lauren DeSole and Co. at our attorney’s offices on Sept. 20th.. Once again I will inform you immediately afterward how it goes. I am working on some promotional materials to help promote a “NO” vote against the Constitutional Convention. That material will probably be distributed by your delegates. Many of you wanted me to try and get Affiliated Physicians back for our annual physicals. I called them and tried to do so, but their price remains prohibitive and unaffordable. Please remember, you can call me with any question, any request, or any idea. I am totally dedicated to the continual improvement of our jobs, our work conditions, and our benefits. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always here to help.

My appearance of the radio show “Blue Color Buzz” will now be broadcast at 9:00 PM Sunday evening, Sept. 17th on AM 970 on your dial. I expect to have a podcast available after that date so all members can listen to it at their leisure.

Fraternally, Glenn