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After almost a month of meetings with OCA Labor Relations and the other Labor Unions we were advised on August 24, 2021, of the proposed Mandatory Vaccination Program.  On August 25, 2021, an email was sent on behalf of Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks stating that the Mandatory Vaccination Program will take effect on September 27, 2021.  Under this program, absent a valid medical or religious exemption all employees will be required to provide proof of full vaccination as a condition of employment.  It was stated at the meetings that any employee that doesn’t comply with the Mandatory Testing Program (issued on August 12, 2021) or the Mandatory Vaccination Program will be sent home from work, their time will be charged and they may face disciplinary action if they continue to be non-compliant.

The New York State Court Clerks Association, along with the other Labor Unions are taking the appropriate actions to ensure everyone’s rights are protected.  We are in constant communication with our lawyers and are currently drafting a complaint to challenge the court’s actions regarding these policies and implementation of the same.

At this time it is imperative that we stick together as a Union regardless of our personal views or opinions on these new policies.