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To All Members:

At this time, we would like to recognize our members that have been working together to deal with this unprecedented event. A special thanks to all delegates and the members who volunteered to continue working to help keep the courts functioning. We ask that all members still working as well as those at home, follow all the precautions that are being given by our officials. The board has been addressing all issues that are of concern to all of you. If you need to reach us, please communicate via email through our union email accounts, which can be found on this website under Association Officials. We will respond as quickly as possible. Our office has and will remain open until the time that we are instructed to close. We will also continue to post any updated memos and/or protocols to be followed by court personnel. Please remember that everyone is dealing with this in a different way and a phone call to a loved one or friend can go a long way. We WILL get through this. Be Safe!!!

NYSCCA Executive Board
March 28th, 2020